2021 / People / Life Style (Non-Pro)

The Red Pearl

  • Photographer
    Chiara Felmini

The red robes of married Kyrgyz women stand out against the gray of the animals and the environment; give color, attract attention and seem to underline that in the daily life of these people beauty is never superfluous, but an integral part

I was born in Turin I have been photographing since I was 8. My interest for the world and the environment grew day by day, together with my passion for travelling. Animals have been a part of my life, as a job and as a passion, for more than 30 years so photographing them was a natural process.Later, my love for travelling made me discover the documentary photography and reportage. I photograph in order to tell stories, for an emotional and aesthetic research. The perpetual research of light, colour, of the right moment but mostly of the interaction with the people .