2021 / People / Culture (Non-Pro)

In The Mist

  • Photographer
    Kinga Litynska

The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia. Its vastness is really impressive and in Hubei, where it flows through the Three Gorges, the massive rock formations will surely make you feel small. And who would have thought that a lazy stroll along its tiny tributary – the Ming Jang River – would take you to a Chinese fairy-tale land? On a little boat, holding a paper parasol, sat a young woman dressed in a traditional, hand-embroidered gown. Very charming. Very mystical…

Hello, My name is Kinga Litynska. I am a teacher, traveller, author, amateur photographer and nature lover. With my backpack and on a low budget, I choose my own paths. They might be narrow and slippery, and yet, they are mine, proving that what once was merely a dream can really happen... From Poland to China I got hitch-hiking. Traversing Siberia, I reached The Far East because where the horizon ends, adventure begins, opening the door to the natural world and encounters with native people whose ordinary lives – happiness and sorrows – I passionately capture through the lens of my camera.