2021 / Nature / Wildlife (Non-Pro)

The Jaguarundi and The Storm

  • Photographer
    Bruno Castelo

This photographs is a result of two years of study, of one of the most rare and endangered species, the jaguarundi (Puma yagouaroundi), which has a few studies in nature, and rarely is seen or photographed. The jaguarundi, it is one of the most elusive cat species in the world and rarely seen in nature, is on the list of endangered species in Brazil, as well as in other countries in the Americas. Despite its small size compared to large cats, it can catch preys 3 times its size and weight. In this photograph the jaguarundi climbs on a tree in the Brazilian savannah.

Bruno Castelo Branco Damiani is from São Paulo city, but grown up amid the forests and savannas. He is biologist, naturalist and preservationist, dedicates his life to the study of ethology, animals, nature and wildlife photography, also his passion. In nature photography regularly participates in national and international photo contests. Has traveled some regions of Brazil which is passionate, capturing whenever he can its natural beauty, from fields to dense forests and mountains. In the cities also print your sensitive view of the nature of human society.