2021 / Nature / Trees (Non-Pro)

Wanaka-Tree In Morning Light

  • Photographer
    André Wandrei
  • Agency / Studio

This is probably one of the most photographed trees in the world. There are many pictures of this famous tree. I have tried to put it in a slightly different light. This is a tele shot with 200mm focal length. This makes the tree stand out a little bit from the background. The photo was taken in the morning and warm sunlight was falling on the tree. So the beautiful complementary colours blue and yellow are created.

For me, landscape photography means experiencing nature with all my senses. In my work, I try to capture these natural beauties and lend duration to the moment. In doing so, I want to draw the viewer into the picture with my photos. Of course I would like to present my photographic works and share them with you. I would be pleased to have you visit my website! www.andre-wandrei.ch