2021 / Nature / Landscapes (Non-Pro)

Meander After Rain

  • Photographer
    Thensure Yang

This series of long exposure photographs were all taken after rain and only after rain, from a 500-meter long beach in north-eastern Taiwan. Whenever it rains, rain water that accumulates on the beach flows into the Pacific Ocean like a stream. Due to changes in rain and tides, the shape, size, direction and position of the stream are different every time. I am always surprised and pleased by those magic streams.

I am an amateur photographer, focus on long exposure black and white landscape photography. Black and white long exposure landscape photography creates a feeling of peace and calm. That’s the most important reason why I love it. Rather than traveling around the world, I take most of my photographs from a 500-meter long beach, north-east of Taiwan. All my images are single-shot, no stack. Dodge and burn post-processing only, nothing added or removed, except the dust-removal.