2021 / Fine Art / Portrait (Non-Pro)

Lady Lindy

  • Photographer
    Diana Rubi

This photo is a self-portrait inspired by Amelia Earhart, an American aviator celebrated for her flight marks and for attempting the first air trip around the world above the equatorial line. The sad story of this brave woman captivated me to make this self-portrait. She was known as Lady Lindy, for her resemblance to the aviator Charles Lindbergh, the first pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean, from west to east. Some studies assure that Amelia died as a castaway on the island of Nikumaroro and others did not, the fact is that the mystery of her disappearance remains unsolved.

Diana Rubi is a young fine art photographer and visual artist born in Cuba and currently living in the USA. She uses photo manipulation to create surreal scenarios that talk about emotions, dreams, as well as real and fictional stories, using mostly her body as a container of characters that embody different stories.