2021 / Fine Art / Portrait (Non-Pro)

The Timelessness of Dance

  • Photographer
    Simon Fox
  • Agency / Studio
    Simon Fox Photography

The beauty of dance is that it is timeless, the fluidity of movement caught in a single moment which is incredibly challenging but striking, they illustrate powerful, dramatic and beautiful moments. These remind me of classical paintings found in castles and palaces. This is where I draw inspiration from, aiming to recreate these beautiful pieces of work with dancers in gorgeous, natural scenery so that the final results can themselves be timeless.

I love the beauty of cinematography and so I try to bring a cinematic feel to all of my still images, drawing inspiration from the feeling of awe I get when sitting in a cinema seat. Currently based outside of Glasgow, I find that the Scottish landscapes offer up some of the best scenery for shoots, be it commercial, model or dance. To date I have worked with several prominent dancers, clients and even some very adorable wildlife!