2021 / Fine Art / Abstract (Non-Pro)

Painted Body

  • Photographer
    Alexandru Crisan
  • Agency / Studio

Eidetic memory is the ability to see an object soon after you look away. For most people, the image lasts mere seconds or less than one second. To get an idea of how well your brain makes use of eidetic memory, look at an object and close your eyes, and see how long you can still see the object in your mind's eye. "PB" image is oriented towards psychoanalysis, following a deep line in understanding human anxieties, hopes or desires. Somewhere beyond the formal representation, the character hides a fantastic world of inner beauty, revealed by the author, through an extremely sensitive approach.

Alexandru Crisan (b. Bucharest, Romania 1978) is a visual artist specialized in fine art photography. He received his first film camera when he was 12 years old, and, a quarter of a century later, still has a soft spot for the black and white prints. An architect by formal education, his professional career in photography began in 2008 and since then, he has focused on completing and promoting his eclectic art projects. More details on: https://alexandru-crisan.com/