2021 / Fine Art / Other (Non-Pro)

The Hatching Egg

  • Photographer
    Natcha Wongchanglaw

In the limitation in the quarantine period of this global pandemic, my heart keeps calling for the new adventure. I wish I can travel, unfortunately, we have to keep the social distance to help flatten the curve. Even though I cannot do real-world travel, no one can stop my imagination. There, I create the a new adventure for myself. There, they are places no one has explored. Unexplored places are cracking out of the eggs. I am traveling in my imagination world.

Natcha (Nannie) Wongchanglaw was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1986, currently based in New York City. Wongchanglaw brings a professional background in studio and location portraiture to her current work as a lifestyle and documentary photographer. That experience has also included business management and recruitment, giving her a unique skill set that she has honed with advanced photographic coursework at Michigan State University and the Nikon School in her native Thailand, and more recently with her master’s in digital photography degree from New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts.