2021 / Fine Art / Other (Non-Pro)

Lost Society

  • Photographer
    Mieke Douglas

Peering into dark, empty spaces. Camera pressed up to smeared, steamy glass. Glimpses of shiny Christmas decorations; cleaning products and hand sanitisers; abandoned drinks and occasional humour. The allure of our past life is becoming irresistible. Visceral pleasures tempt me, but are still dangerous. Out of reach. Our lives from before, becoming ever more distant. Evocative. Unimaginable. Fading. I am grasping at fragments. Photographing to try to remember. Imagining the fun and life and noise. Empty spaces, still beautiful but becoming fantastical. Otherworldly

Mieke is a Dutch and Canadian Fine Art Photographer, living in London. Her practice challenges our ambivalence to the world around us using perspective, distance and scale. Mieke’s work moves between fact and fiction and challenges the boundaries of photography and art. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. She has recently had her first Solo Show, ‘STILL”, in London.