2021 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

The Old Life and Island

  • Photographer
    Younghun Kan

Cabilao, a small island in the Philippines. I saw him in underwater. He was born on the island and is still a fisherman who catches fish in the traditional way. He was over 90 years old and was hunting with a homemade speargun wearing a mono fin. He has few teeth. He hunts with his own goggles, flippers and speargun. All of these were made by cutting wood and attaching glass. He held his breath and hunted in the water. And with a painful expression, he would rise above the water and breathe. There are still many people living in traditional ways in many places.

Young-Hun KAN was a professor of Film and Cinema in Seoul Art College of Media Arts(www.sac.ac.kr) in South Korea. Also, Prof.kan is Professional Filmmaker. Kan's filmography includes feature films, picture, music videos, commercials and Underwater documentaries. In addition, he has authored numerous articles and authoritative books on film production.