2021 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Magnificent Moon

  • Photographer
    Camilla Miliani

This is the story of Aisuluu who is one of the many victims of the kidnapping of child brides by marriage, which in Kyrgyzstan is a true tradition: "Ala Kachuu". Aisulu was only 16 years old when her mother organized her wedding, this involves the kidnapping of the unsuspecting girl, who will subsequently be locked up, subjugated with physical and psychological violence by her future husband and by the families of both. Today Aisulu is sitting in front of me, her voice is calm but she has the gloomy look of someone who has been to hell and managed to escape.

Camilla Miliani is a young Italian photographer. She was born in 1997 on one of the small islands of the Tuscan archipelago, the Island of Elba, but she felt the need to explore the world beyond the sea from an early age. The photograph is her pass for escape. In 2017 she enrolled at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and in 2021 she graduated in photography with full marks.