2021 / Architecture / Interiors (Non-Pro)

Lyrichs For A Triedro

  • Photographer
  • Agency / Studio

In Barcelona they remodeled an old factory in a cultural center. As an atrium Arata Isozaki arranged a space undermined in the place covered with white marble, a place that invites to make various routes. This time I slipped away from what people do regularly, in broad daylight and with a terrifying sun I plunged into that white space alone. In my wandering I was posing in various scenarios until I found that prototypical place generating contemporary architectural space where my transit developed a slow-motion and I was oxygenated, and like a butterfly I arrived, I was there and I left ...

"Ei POiNT" (1954, Barcelona) is a photographer associated with the Photographic Association of Catalonia. Since 2004, more than 100 exhibitions have been recorded. Published in the Lens Culture, Dodho and UrbanNext portals, his work has been honored with more than forty awards and / or mentions in international photography contests (Siena IPA, Fine Art PA, International PA, Lens Culture Street PA, Epson IPA). Expressed through "panophotos", "spherorames" and "folisdNaik", their portfolio remains specialized in architecture and landscape.