2021 / Architecture / Interiors (Non-Pro)

A Cure For Life

  • Photographer
    Anthony & Florent Galasso

« A Cure for Life » is a series dedicated to the heyday of thermalism also called the belle époque or the roaring twenties. An era that is over, but which haunt us constantly as we go through these jewels of yesteryear. Like lost souls, we sail through these wrecked carcasses. The only difference being the goal. Goal being very clear in our case. To witness involuntary time capsules and immortalize them. To make this series, we traveled to France, Italy and Romania. We really like this kind of place and this series is our testimony of a decomposed thermal past.

Anthony and Florent GALASSO are two 22-year-old brothers from Burgundy, France. Fascinated by travel, architecture and atypical places, it is quite naturally that they succumb to the charm of forgotten structures. They then took it upon themselves to photograph a once sparkling heritage, a bygone era. Their goal is to help discover a parallel universe conducive to questioning and wonder while demonstrating the poetics that exist within these agonizing buildings. Light, atmosphere, offers them a palette of unique sensations conducive to the taking of striking photographs.