2021 / Fine Art / Other (Non-Pro)

Va, Pensiero

  • Photographer
    Christian Basetti

[..]Oh my homeland, so beautiful but lost, Oh remembrance so beloved, but so painful. Golden harp inspiring the great Poets, Why are you so silent and abandoning yourself to tears? Rekindle memories in our hearts, Tell us again about our glorious past![..] The famous verses of italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, contained in "Va, Pensiero",from Nabucco opera, which inspired my project based on the beauty of old Italian decadent places, well recognizable heritage of our past. My intent is to represent the ancient Italian pride corrupted by time, with a pictorial style inspired by Caravaggio.

Christian Basetti from Milan. Since 2015, he has been passionate about ancient decadent places, giving voice to these structures full of melancholy charm as if they were silent narcissistic creatures waiting for someone to express their greatness. Creator of Forgotten Art-chitectures project, decayed places are not shot just with an usual limited documentary aspect, as many others do, but they are like fine art canvas aimed at aesthetics. Inspired by Caravaggio's style in the representation of environments, with a similitude prostitutes and beggars=decadent places turned in something nobler.