2021 / Fine Art / Nudes (Non-Pro)

Moroi Metabolism

  • Photographer
    Alexandru Crisan
  • Agency / Studio

Surfacing from Romanian folklore via escapist cinema, the term Moroi was appropriated as an alternative “denomination” for vampires. However, the Slavic lexicon points out to the m?ra – mòra etymological nexus, with direct reference to nightmares, only to develop subsequently an archetypal transition towards a more palatable form of a succubus... No matter how much fright one might crave, the truth rests with those who take a martially piercing look within themselves, in the attempt to exorcize their own disquietudes. When we struggle to metabolize our own fears, to turn them into nurturing..

Alexandru Crisan (b. Bucharest, Romania 1978) is a visual artist specialized in fine art photography. He received his first film camera when he was 12 years old, and, a quarter of a century later, still has a soft spot for the black and white prints. An architect by formal education, his professional career in photography began in 2008 and since then, he has focused on completing and promoting his eclectic art projects. More details on: https://alexandru-crisan.com/