2021 / Fine Art / Portrait (Non-Pro)

How to Gather Elapsed Time

  • Photographer
    Jenny Papalexandris

This project describes my elderly parents who emigrated from Greece in 1960 to Australia.I photograph my parents in a time of vulnerability and isolation.My aim is to create a visual poem of their collective experience of ageing, their sense of loneliness that living apart at the start of the pandemic has meant.My father is now living in an aged care facility.Ageing in itself speaks about a segregation from society, a confinement of the mind and body, a slow withdrawal from life.The metaphoric images move between portraits, closeups, artefacts from the family home and abstract symbols.

Jenny Papalexandris is a Visual Artist/Photographer and Educator based in Australia. She holds a Master of Art (1997) and a Bachelor of Education (Art) 1987 from the UNSW Art & Design (COFA) in Sydney. She explores photography as a subjective response to the world of light and shadow. Her photographs are highly expressive and visually commanding. Thematically rich and diverse, her photography is imbued with a strong sense of poetry, symbolism and metaphor. They are personal records tracing universal themes of loss, identity, the body as metaphor and nature.