2021 / Nature / Trees (Non-Pro)

Fangorn Forest

  • Photographer
    André Wandrei
  • Agency / Studio

I photographed this mystical oak forest in England. Such photographs work especially well in fog. This gives the scenery a mystical atmosphere. You must be very lucky and go there often to get the right weather. It was a wonderful experience. I was there all alone. It also rained and I was more busy cleaning the camera and filter than taking pictures. I am glad that I was able to experience something like that.

For me, landscape photography means experiencing nature with all my senses. In my work, I try to capture these natural beauties and lend duration to the moment. In doing so, I want to draw the viewer into the picture with my photos. Of course I would like to present my photographic works and share them with you. I would be pleased to have you visit my website! www.andre-wandrei.ch