2021 / People / Self-Portrait


  • Photographer
    Mari Queiroz

Self-portrait carries a strong symbolism in the subversion of the roles of women. By becoming the subject and object of the images I build my narrative, highlighting veiled issues about the feminine body. This self-fiction uses an almost inexistent light source in order to address silence and obliteration. Older women are expected to fade into the background, leaving their inadequate bodies behind; they do not belong in a society that praises perfection and performance. Thus, I become invisible.

Mari Queiroz (São Paulo,1967) majored in Fine Arts at the University of São Paulo. She began her career in photojournalism and then she worked as a photography assistant at Estúdio Abril, a reference in Brazil’s studio photography. She contributed for many of the publisher’s magazines for years. Seeking room to cultivate her personal projects, she left the publishing house and along with her commissioned work, re-established her journey in visual arts. Photography is the core of her work, and she researches the relationship between body, silence and memory.