2021 / Fine Art / Portrait


  • Photographer
    Lídia Vives
  • Agency / Studio
    Lídia Vives

Inspired by the millenial kintsugi technique, this photograph represents the fragility of the human body, covering it with the traditional patterns of ancient Chinese porcelain and coating the broken pieces with gold. This gold emerges from the mask and spreads through the body, drawing lungs with its cracks. With this, it is implied that the mask protects our respiratory system to face the current threat that coronavirus represents.

Lídia Vives (1991, Spain) I'm a fine art, fashion and commercial photographer currently based in Barcelona. Represented by Fifty Dots Agency in Barcelona, also the gallery with the same name, apart from Saisho Gallery (Madrid), Inqubator’s Art Gallery (Australia), Espai Cavallers and Léucade (Spain). I've worked with Esquire Magazine, Vogue Italia selected me twice as “Best of”, my work has been exhibited in the Louvre museum, I'm a multi awarded artist, I've done workshops and talks in Spain and Mexico, EUIPO and the European Commision has invited me twice to represent Spain in a Summit, I ha