2021 / Fine Art / Nudes


  • Photographer
    Merche Moriana
  • Agency / Studio
    Merche Moriana

Vanitas is a Latin term meaning vanity, understood not as pride or arrogance but in the sense of futility, insignificance, fragility of life and brevity of existence. "No matter how many times one enjoys the deadly sins or refuses to lead a sacrosanct or pure life, the pleasure it brings is an advantage over the rest of the people who deprive themselves of doing so for we will all end up in the same bed: death." The skull exhibits the naked human stripped of superficiality. It is the materialization of the composition of the human being without more, without the need for arrangements.

Merche Moriana (1994, Spain) I am a photographer and visual artist currently living in Seville. My work is inspired by my own experiences and is influenced by nature, Renaissance painting, music and the beauty of emotions as something ephemeral. I use photography as a tool for personal expression and treats my images to insinuate mystery. My works are full of colours, textures and elements that make each image a unique piece. I am currently working on my personal art project and on the creation of educational content about digital retouching and pictorial photography.