2021 / Fine Art / Abstract (Non-Pro)

Farrago Series

  • Photographer
    C E Morse
  • Agency / Studio

Growing up a classic car enthusiast, I spent a lot of time in vintage salvage yards where I discovered incredible visual elements that inspired me the same way as did the great abstract painters. I traded my toolbox for a camera. I now hunt for this wild art from which I create fine art photographs. While the subjects of my interest may be deemed ugly, the details I capture are exquisite. In my Farrago Series, layers of time; layers of paint and layers of patina are combined with layers of disparate subjects; rusty car fenders with boat hulls, dumpsters with broken glass, pitted chrome with

RISD BFA Photography Studied under Aaron Siskind I have been a habitué of classic car boneyards ever since I bought my 1936 Pontiac at age 15. While rummaging about for parts I discovered incredible visual compositions in the distressed iron and glass that inspired me in the same way as did some of the best abstract art. This experience was a sea change; I swapped my toolbox for a camera. I hunt and capture wild art: abstract details of found objects