2021 / People / Life Style

Slow Life

  • Photographer
    Cristina D'Egidio

Can you really choose your lifestyle or are you imprisoned by the canons in which we grew up? This is the question I asked myself when I meet those who choose to give up the ordinary, to indulge in another type of way, that of living in absolute freedom, in close contact with nature, out of any convention dictated by a society that often do not fill our shoes. The hours then become marked not by a clock or commitment, but by a real physical need. The life of these people live in a little microworld within a world that is spinning widly.

Cristina D'Egidio is an Italian photographer based in Rome. Born on 13.02.1971 she was introduced to photography by his grand father when she was only a child. They used to spend time together processing photographic film. After her studies in Foreign Languages she start working as a sales and marketing specialist for a long time. She went back to Photography when she turned 40. Her work is mainly focused to portraits and social issue.