2021 / Fine Art / Portrait (Non-Pro)

Untitled Works

  • Photographer
    Daniel Longo

Bio. B 3.9.90 Melbourne, Australia. ---------- I am deranged, moulded, consumed by lust. Objects of beauty devoured. Come lurk in my world, within a blossomed and paranoid dreamscape. Intentions are impure. Place of sin, manifested as predacious. I spent one year, making one photograph. Show no one, burn, destroy it.

Daniel Longo is an award-winning photographic artist best known for exhibiting in Vienna, Austria. With works from both series ‘TO BE HUMAN’ (2016) and ‘ENTER AS STRAYS’ (2020). After discovering his love for the arts at a young age, Longo attained a Diploma in Graphic Design and went on to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at RMIT University, Melbourne. Continuously investigating his own identity and exploring interpretations of darkness and ominousness, he has mirrored the self into his work. This is embedded through the chiaroscuro technique and deconstruction of the voyeur.