2021 / Architecture / Bridges


  • Photographer
    Christian Kleiman
  • Agency / Studio
    Christian Kleiman Photography

The art of caging a 300-meter tower. Eiffel Tower in the background looks like caged inside the massive steel beams of this bridge. Both metallic structures, the Eiffel Tower and Debilly's Bridge were constructed for the same purpose; The Exposition Universelle de Paris. They were also meant to be dismantled after the Expo, but here they are, wearing under the sky of Paris.

Based in United Arab Emirates, originally from Spain. Fascinated about the creative expression that is awaiting to be revealed. My vision strives in provoking an awakening to see the world differently by changing our perception. I would like to share a concept that represents my experimental process pushing the medium towards new directions by revealing the hidden landmark of any landscape. A concept of fragile planets, floating like a bubble in isolation to protect its valuable ecosystem.