2021 / Fine Art / Portrait

You Are My Mother

  • Photographer
    Angelika Kollin

As the covid pandemic rolled over the world, many of us found ourself going back to basics and spending more times with our families. Angelika started photographing her project in April, while still in complete lockdown in South Africa. She started exploring emotional intimacy in mother/child connections, examining the impact it had on her own family life and on her audience. This project is not a groundbreaking story, and yet in her own life and the the people she worked with, the understanding of the significance and value of connection to our family created tangible results

Angelika Kollin is a 44 year old Estonian photographer currently based in Tampa, Florida. She is self-taught and engages with her passion for photography and art as a tool of exploration of interhuman connections, intimacy, and/or the absence of such. Angelika has spent the last 8 years living in African countries (Ghana, Namibia, South Africa), where she explored the same topic in a variety of different cultures and economic conditions. More and more it strengthens her belief that despite many circumstances in life, the one thing that shapes us the most is our relationship with our parents.