2021 / Fine Art / Other


  • Photographer
    Andrea Alkalay

KUTHO takes inspiration from a Burmese concept of merit. A common ritual undertaken by Buddhists is to cover their relics with gold, exclusive to male devotees for merit-making towards better karma. Women, in the guise of an impure status, are forbidden to approach. The series talks about Power associated with Religion and the relationship between the visible/not visible, cult/occult, and parallels universes. I use the same leaf to seal my memory with the gold light, which grace, I cannot access, and post a question about the duality of human nature. (manual intervention with gold 24k)

Argentinian visual artist born in 1965. She holds a degree in Industrial Design(U.B.A). Was trained in art-photography attending workshops and residences programs. She uses photography as a way of thinking, looking for the poetic and political potential that arises from the observation. The condition of foreignness and displacement is a source of inspiration and she explores photography’s ability to manipulate perceptions of reality. She is interested in the discrepancy between what we see and what we know. Her author's book Uncertain Nature was published in 2016. Lives in Buenos Aires.