2021 / Nature / Landscapes

Scorpion Canyon

  • Photographer
    Nick Psomiadis
  • Agency / Studio
    Nik Art Photography

Antelope Canyon in Arizona of the United States is famous for spectacular displays of light beams. As the light enters through the shaft above the outline of a scorpion can be seen in this photograph with the tail on top.

Nick Psomiadis has been taking photographs since 1986 after having purchased his very first SLR film camera the Zenit 12xp. Dubbed the Russian Tank, this Soviet built camera was as heavy as a brick, nevertheless it provided Nick with a view of the world and a creative perspective through the lens. Remembering back to that time of loading the film, advancing the lever, and to the clunking sound of the shutter and all the joy it brought, this was where it all began.