2021 / Fine Art / Landscape

Krenitsin Volcano

  • Photographer
    Stas Bartnikas

The real pearl of the Kuril Islands is the uninhabited island of Onekotan. Seen here is the Krenitsyn volcano. Its young cone, which has grown inside the collapsed old one, is surrounded on all sides by the Ring Lake. Most of the time there are impenetrable clouds and strong winds. You need to wait for several days or even weeks to see the caldera of the volcano. Helicopters manage to get here two to three times in the summer season. I was lucky to fly here from Kamchatka in mid-August-2020. There are not many places on our planet that have not been touched by civilization and tourists.

Stas Bartnikas, 47, aerial photographer based in Moscow. Photography is a serious hobby that combines his love of travelling with a passion for aviation. Past few years, he’s been actively engaged in aerial photography while flying in light aircraft and helicopters in different parts of the world. During this time he visited over 15 countries. Stas is convinced that mother nature is the most sophisticated painter and he sees it as his mission to capture its beauty in its perfect form. He calls his style of photography “aero-art”.