2021 / Fine Art / Abstract

Field of Forces

  • Photographer
    Yvon Jolivet

In physics, a field of forces is an area where a system of forces is manifested, whether magnetic, electric or gravitational. All forces are often very strongly dependent on their environment. This photographic series have been taken in a snowy field during winter. It's an analogy to the invisible forces that surround us. “ Without knowing the force of things, it is impossible to know more. ”

My photographic processing varies according to the themes exploited. When it is in contrast, it reveals all colors and textures, and black and white photographs reveal the subconscious and symbolism of human nature. The object of my work is to give a new meaning to the forms inside his natural rhythm, breaking the spaces and time, and recombine them into each other in order or disorder to create a new world from the old one.