2022 / (Non-Pro)

Nordic Silence

  • Photographer
    Thomas Zilch
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Landscape

This picture was taken in the north of Norway, in the Lyngen Alps. At the end of January, the polar night is already over, but the sun still doesn't make it above the horizon during the day. There is a wonderful twilight all day, which I love so much. The little cabin stands lonely by the fjord and when I was there late in the afternoon taking pictures, there was a heavenly silence. Only now and then a light splash was to be heard on the shore. The wonderful light of the ending day colored the snowy landscape in delicate pink and purple tones.

My name is Thomas Zilch, I was born in 1968 and have been taking pictures for many years. Photography is not my profession, but my passion. It is for me, in addition to a hobby, also a means of relaxation. There is (almost) nothing more beautiful than roaming through nature with my camera and capturing it in a picture. I find it fascinating to observe how it changes through the influence of the weather, the time of day and season and the light and shows itself in ever new appearances. My passion is traveling and landscape and nature photography.