2022 /


  • Photographer
    Tirdad Aghakhani
  • Agency / Studio

This photo is influenced by great European painters before the eighteenth century. The techniques used to create this image are a combination of two Renaissance painting techniques in Italy called Sfumato and Union, which I used on digital photographs. The combination of these two techniques is reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci and Rafael's painting. The image confirms the contradictions in the art of painting and photography. Contradictions in place, time, and fashion. It is also a bridge between two periods in the art that connects the art of the Renaissance to the present.

Tirdad Aghakhani is a photographer and visual artist based in California. His love for human beings is exhibited through his work, largely collections of ordinary people, artists, and fashion photography. His artistic and poetic vision behind the camera has shaped his unique style of photography. Growing up in a middle-class family, it was his mother who fostered his innate passion for art. Tirdad graduated with a degree in graphic design and simultaneously discovered his love of photography. In 2006, he was hired as the director of one of the largest photography studios in Iran until fleeing