2021 /

The Poetry of Trees

  • Photographer
    Emilia Kashfian
  • Agency / Studio
    Emilia Photographe

“The Poetry of Trees” series documents the similarities between humans and trees, particularly in their physical characteristics. The Ficus rubiginosa, through the intricacy of its branches and leaves, mirrors the tubular branch-like pattern in our lungs. Its trunk curiously resembles the muscular structure of the human form. This series aims to awaken a new sense of awareness to visualize a different dimension in nature and the everyday. To see trees in a new way is to see ourselves in a new way.

Emilia Kashfian is an international award-winning fine art photographer, based in Los Angeles. Her art has been exhibited in various galleries across the world, including New York City, Portland, Budapest, Hanoi, Athens and Melbourne. She has also received numerous accolades, including the International Photography Awards (IPA), the Paris Photo Prize (PX3), Spider Awards, the FAPA'S, Int'l Color Awards, the Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA), the Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA), the IPPAWARDS, the MPA's, as well as a 5-time Featured Artist on Apple’s Shot On iPhone campaign.