2020 / Science / Other

Programmable Biology

  • Company
    Photobanks Ltd.
  • Photographer
    Jonathan Banks

Microsoft is creating a platform and bringing together partners to program biological systems, essentially understanding how to program cells like we program computers and eventually control how a cell behaves. Instead of programming in 1s and 0s researchers are using the building blocks of DNA to write “programs” that could, for instance, help a cell recognize and attack cancer. This can open doors to new treatments, drugs, cures and materials. The industry holds huge promise but still faces a number of challenges.

Jonathan Banks is an award-winning British photographer with over 20 years’ experience in commercial and media photography. He enjoys collaborating with charitable organisations and NGOs on serious campaigns. Jonathan has diversified over the years into photographing for corporate clients but continues to work with a handful of editorial publications. He has always worked with NGOs both in the U.K. and abroad. He is the longest serving British Red Cross photographer and has exhibited work in support of International Alert. Jonathan currently works with a stable of blue chip clients and NGOs.