2020 / Portfolio / Personal

Coal - An American Industry In Twilight

  • Company
    Dennis Welsh Photography
  • Photographer
    Dennis Welsh

America was built on coal. It is one of the natural resources required to make steel. Buildings, bridges, stadiums, ships. All require coal. However now with a better understanding of coal and its environmental impact, its continued mining has become a lightning rod for politicians and environmental activists alike. My goal for this shoot was to step away from the politics and simply recognize the workers that rely on this industry today. Generations of West Virginia miners came before and this is a deeply significant part of their community and their culture. This may be their twilight.

Dennis Welsh is an advertising and documentary photographer whose candid and honest images have garnered national acclaim. The cinematic vision that he brings to his photography allows Dennis to seamlessly toggle between advertising and editorial projects, telling authentic stories in each and every image. Dennis lives with his wife and their three children on the coast of Maine.