2020 / Portfolio / Fine Art

Grids of Cell Phone Images

  • Company
    Dan McCormack Fine Art Photogr
  • Photographer
    Dan McCormack

I am photographing Lenoir nude in the studio for the past two years with a cell phone and I am now organizing them into 3x3 grids. I began making grids while working on my MFA Photo Portfolio in 1968. I cam back to grids with a Nimslo Camera in 1992 and again with an Action Tracker Camera in 1999.

The Nude at Home I use the wide angle distortions of the round pinhole camera and the subtle colorization to create a series of visceral images. Through successive pulling of curves in Photoshop, B&W values are replaced with subtle color. The “Nude at Home” was, begun about fifteen years ago, I photograph the model nude in her home, apartment or studio. With the model in her space, all the objects in the image are a part of the life of the model. Then the pose, the furniture and the long, two minute exposures, I attempt to reveal an intimate portrait of the subject.