2020 / Portfolio / Fine Art

Moving Architecture

  • Photographer
    Mario Rossi

I aim to catch the dynamism of reality by capturing movement of people and space around them. I want to represent complexity of society through complexity of many visions that overlap one into each other. Often I work on the Architecture; my interest is on how buildings interact with way of life of the city. I’m interested on how light fills an architecture to create a place that will became unique. Also I like observe in which way people took possession of each building and how move into it.

I was born in Naples (Italy) in 1961 and now I live in Rome  the city  that I set off from  and the city I go back to. I’m involved in photography since the late seventies years gradually supporting the need for deeper search for a language to identify with. My point of view is influenced by my painterly vision of a place, which I transform into a photograph. This interpretation derives from my personal study of the modern tradition of the abstract-figurative -isms” typical of the early twentieth-century avant-garde movements in the arts. Geometry is an important aspect of my research.