2020 / People / Portrait

Home, Sweet Home

  • Company
    Lucia Herrero
  • Photographer
    Lucia Herrero

I'm confined in my flat with my daughter. I photograph people all over the world inside their homes. I travel around the world from my sofa. This is my logbook, my way of trying to understand. I write international history, gathering little stories. It's a great puzzle made up complex mini pieces. I make a video call, I direct the shoot and finally, a screenshot.The image quality is secondary;the document has value. How much control over one’s vision can a documentarist have when she can't be there. How far can I go by jumping from contact to contact? 100 stories so far. In progress.

Lucía Herrero studied Architecture, Photography and Physical Theater. These three arts has shaped her vision. Her photographic work wins international prizes and is exhibited internationally in museums, galleries and photo festivals. She has developed an approach to documentary photography called by her Magic Anthropology. It is a mixture between social science and artistic-conceptual intervention. She portraits people and cultures with both drama and fantasy elements. On her essays there is a social analysis. Also a research on visual storytelling. She teaches advanced lighting.