2020 / People / Life Style

All to The Sea

  • Photographer
    Pietro Di Giambattista

At the sea..,Summer,August,no Italian can give up;All in a row,in an infernal traffic, but all at sea...Forget the hated daily life and let yourself go to pure fun, in the sun,to carefree, enjoy the pure crystal water and the light that dazzles you. Talking about this and that with strangers, idling ...But everything, maybe, is just a beatiful illusion,which in the end,brings us back to the solitude of the human condition,to a horizon,almost invisible and impassable,as in these images,where on closer inspection, hundreds of people on the beach,seem at last to be absorbed only in their own.

Pietro Di Giambattista (1956 Pannarano-Benevento). He studied for several years in seminars of photojournalism and artistic photography with internationally renowned professors, including: Paolo Pellegrin, Antonin Kratochvil, Francesco Zizola, Rolando Fava, Yury Kozyrev, Michael Ackerman, Maurizio Galimberti, Eddie Ephraums etc. It is represented by the Graffiti Press agency in Rome. In 2002 he was awarded a prize at the World Press Photo, ranking third in the portraits section.