2020 / People / Culture


  • Company
    Julien De Wilde
  • Photographer
    Julien De Wilde

It is four o'clock in the morning. It is still dark. We hear footsteps. A dog starts to bark. In the light of a single neon, the bodies mix, the drapes merge. The individual no longer exists, the ego fades away. Buddhist monks wrap themselves in their orange robes. Like a chrysalis, they reborn.. An intimate moment of extreme beauty.

Julien De Wilde is a portrait and fine art photographer based in Brussels, Belgium. His work is defined by simplicity, sincerity, timelessness, and most of the time in black and white. His work has been awarded by the TIFA Tokyo Foto Awards / Photographer of the Year 2019, the FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards, the LICC London, the ND Awards, The Monovisions Photography Awards, the MIFA Moscow and the PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris among others.