2020 / People / Children

Becoming A Citizen

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    Isabella Franceschini
  • Photographer
    Isabella Franceschini

13-year-old Michelle is one of the youngest Mayors in Italy. The Law allowed for the participation of children in political bodies through the Children’s Municipal Councils which are organized like any Adult Council. In this body the children together with their educators can develop ideas, exchange approaches and discuss freely in compliance with democratic rules. Playing together, they learn about human rights, diversity and equality. They absorb the core values of democracy from childhood. Michelle and her friends are the citizen of tomorrow, dreaming a better world for everyone to live.

Isabella Franceschini is an Italian freelance photographer based in Bologna.  She graduated in Economics from Bologna University. After travelling abroad and taking part in various international photo-workshops, photography became the most important part of her life. She has focused on reportage after attending a Masterclass of photojournalism in Rome for a year. Her long-term projects on documentary photography are mainly inspired by human experience. Her interest of the world is drawn towards its people. She wants to celebrate the ordinary things that happen around the world all the time.