2020 / People / Self-Portrait

Self Portrait (Selfie) No.2

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    Kimo Williams

After serving in Vietnam, I found my voice through music. Specifically playing the guitar. I saw Jimi Hendrix live in Waikiki just before joining the Army and thought about how much he was able to communicate through his music and the guitar. Music has been my passion ever since. This is a "selfie" of me and my guitar.

In 1970 I began my fascination with capturing images that reflect my life experiences and observations. I looked inward and began what became a life-long journey of self-discovery through the creative arts. As a photographer taking pictures was and is a means for me to hold visual moments in time so I might absorb and experience them a little longer. Photography provides me a distinct voice for self-reflection, social commentary, and cultural engagement. I opened a studio and photo gallery, KimoPics, in Shepherdstown WV in 2018.