2020 / Nature / Wildlife

Leap of Leopards

  • Company
    Sokomoto Images
  • Photographer
    Hetal "teeku" Patel

After waiting patiently for 2 hours in the afternoon sun in Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve, Siri the leopard and sb adult son Kijana finally appeared out of the bush and headed straight up the tree where she had stashed the male impala kill away from the hungry hyenas. Mom posed on the fork whilst she let the youngster have what was left of her meal. Its not everyday that you get to see two leopards up on the same tree!

Teeku Patel is one of Kenya's home grown photographic talents. Teeku spent a great deal of his early years on safari, exploring and camping in the game parks and reserves of East Africa under the expert tutelage of his father, an Honorary Game Warden. This is where he learnt a great deal about wildlife and the different cultures and customs of East Africa. When he was given a camera at the age of ten, Teeku was on the road to the career of his choice. He regularly contributes to wildlife and nature magazines, and his photographs can be found in libraries around the world.