2020 / Nature / Trees

Banana Tree

  • Company
    Ing. Lucia Minárová - fotograf
  • Photographer
    Lucia Minárová

I am hugely inspired by shapes and textures offered by the natural world. My main body of work that came to life out of this passion is Flora, leaf patterns and shapes, with the play of light. But alongside that project I also started photographing interesting trees. This one was especially beautiful for me. It is a section of banana tree, it's "bark". The rough texture, contrasty light caught my eye immediately.

Art has always been part of my life. While I studied and later on worked in other fields, art never went away and I realised it made me most happy. It then became my path. I completed my studies with the Photographic Institute in the UK. I am in love with light in its many forms and colours. I am fascinated by the ways it interacts with and changes our world. What I try to convey in my pictures is atmosphere and emotion. I love little details and seeing beauty in the most ordinary things and I am hugely inspired by textures and shapes of natural world. I live and work in Bratislava, Slovakia.