2020 / Nature / Seasons

We Are At Minus 50 Degrees

  • Company
    10000Hertz Advertising, Taiwan
  • Photographer
    Chen Kyo

Positioned deep in Siberia, the village of Oymyakon holds the distinction of being the coldest permanently inhabited place on Earth. Many animals in the region, such as the Yakutian horse (pictured), are able to survive outside through bone-cracking cold. Yakutian horses roam semiwild through the winters and dig through the snow with their hooves to nibble at the grass below.

Kyo Chen was born in Yilan, a countryside of Taiwan. He is a creative free-lancer, an illustration publishing creator, a travel writer, a video director, an artist and a photographer. He has multiple identities. He is enthusiastic of travelling. Cross more than 50 countries with spontaneous-paced, long trudge to Arctic and Antarctic, looking for the primal beauty of the earth.