2020 / Nature / Landscapes

Bubbling Under The Stars

  • Company
    The Wicked Hunt
  • Photographer
    Stanley Aryanto

One of the most unique phenomena in Canadian Rockies. A methane bubbles that creates air pocked as the lake started to freezes over time. It's always challenging shooting on -20 deg C on the clear frozen ice as the Wind was hauling. I had to do focus stacking to make sure that the image is focused throughout the depth.

I left my career as an engineer in April 2014 to pursue my passion in travel and photography. I've started a photography company called The Wicked Hunt. Since then I've spent 2 months driving through Java Island, Bali and Lombok, Indonesia. Then continued with 4 months trip around Australia. On the 16th of January I will start a new chapter in Canada. My mission is to travel the world, see different culture and background, capture the moment, then share and hopefully help to inspire other people to travel. I strongly believe that travel help to open people's mind and become more empathetic t