2020 / Nature / Landscapes

Planet Earth

  • Company
    Mauro Cirigliano Photography
  • Photographer
    Mauro Cirigliano

Passion for landscape photography has always pushed me to look for new glimpses and alternative points of view, able to show me the place as it was the first time, every time! Here, in one of the many tunnels dug in the rock, I spent a wonderful night, observing the milky way passing slowly on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, from one side to the other, until the sunrise. To keep me company there was only the glitter of the stars while, behind me, we heard the echo of the drops of water that the ceiling of the long tunnel let fall to the ground. Charm, nature and mystery in a single image.

I am mauro and I was born in Naples (Italy) in 1989. I am a simple and friendly person who has always been passionate about photography. I still remember the many disposable items that I used to buy as a child to take whatever I liked. With technological development I have always looked with great interest at every electronic device that had particular photographic performances until, finally, I decided to buy my first reflex. 143/5000 Following this direction with passion, today I can say that I found what excites me most, the landscape and night photography!