2020 / Fine Art / Special Effects

Stay At Home

  • Company
  • Photographer
    Michael Nguyen

When you're lonely outside, go inside. Go home! When you don't have to go, stay with me. Stay home! But where would you go when you have no home? Where would you stay when this cold, deserted street is your home?

Michael Nguyen roamed various cities in Bavaria during the Corona pandemic. A focus of his works since COVID-19 are urban landscapes as well as urban spaces in different cities. Urban spaces can all enrich a life between buildings. Since Covid-19, social interaction in the Urban landscapes with their spaces has lain fallow. Michael Nguyen conveys this sensitively in his mostly "deserted pictures“. Nguyen enters the motifs of his urban landscapes with a great deal of empathy. He makes the city, urban landscapes and architecture visible and documents them for posterity.