2020 / Fine Art / Special Effects

Four Seasons In One Day

  • Photographer
    Gita Montazer

The series are taken on an autumn day on the Mediterranean coast in Crete Island, Greece. The day the weather was supposed to be sunny according to the weather forecast but it changed in every moment to cloudy, rainy, windy and sunny. It was so beautiful and I felt the four seasons on that day with my soul and body. How beautiful could that dreamy place be in other seasons? I imagined that dreamy place in different seasons and then transferred my imagination to my photos by editing on them through Photoshop. Each photo represents a season. They show Four Seasons, from spring to winter.

I am a photographer originally from Iran. I was born in Tehran. I have B.A. in Photography and graduated in 2002. I participated in some group exhibitions and have had a solo exhibition in Iran/Tehran. During these years I have managed to create my own style in subjects I have been concern about. I love portrait, landscape and travel photography and often use my imagination through Photoshop to create imaginary pictures.