2020 / Fine Art / Still Life


  • Photographer
    Patrick Desgraupes

Beyond the undeniable fascination they exert on us, the Fractals have many repercussions on the analysis that we can have of the world around us. Found in 1970, the discovery has revolutionized the world of science, economics and philosophy. By recreating in photographs some of the most famous fractals (Sierpinks, Apollonius, and Von Koch) with bottles and glasses of wine, I wanted to show that these "invariant structures with a change of scale" are like human intelligence.

Patrick Desgraupes is a French photographer. He has trained on the job in different Parisian studios and in labs, in which he acquired an understanding of light, one of the strong traits of his current works. His work has been published since 2004 at Editions de la Martinière, in numerous magazines and brochures. He has become a recognized landscape specialist in the 4x5 inches large format camera and his work has been published in the USA and in seven European countries.